Hook-Lift for Safety and Precision

At Disposal Queen we use the Hook-Lift System (also know as hook-lift truck) to deliver and pick up your Dumpster Bins. This method far surpasses the conventional cable hoist system when it comes to:Safety Precision Operator efficiency Off-center loads Flexibility Elevated loadsWhat’s the Difference? Cable hoist systems, which are the most common roll-off method in use, it uses a winch to pull up the container using rails and put it on the truck. It has a hook in front to connect to the winch cable. [...]


How a Disposal Contract can Screw You Up

What You See is Not What You’ll Get Sign a Disposal Contract with a good price for a couple years seems attractive, but if you are not aware it can Screw You Up. Most disposal companies ask you to sign a contract when you hire their rental bin services. The contract looks simple, and you’re assured that it’s standard for the industry. So, signing a contract seems like a good idea. After all, they promise you an attractive price for a specified number [...]