Commercial & Residential Waste Disposal Solutions Vancouver

Commercial & Residential Waste Disposal Solutions Vancouver

Disposal Queen provides service to office buildings, apartments, warehouses, retail locations, school buildings, and restaurants. We understand how important waste disposal and recycling are for your business. Construction companies need to worry about sorting and managing types of waste; with our multiple container solutions, you can sort as you go without hassle and stress. When your bins are full, we can collect them and take the contents away for recycling or responsible disposal without any contract or hidden fees.

From full service recycling and waste disposal, to ongoing site services, Disposal Queen will take your business’ waste disposal responsibilities out of the way – and keep your bottom line clean. We know that contractors have a lot to think about as they work on a project; but with Disposal Queen on your side, it’s easy to be a responsible company that mindfully manages waste disposal.

When you have a busy office, restaurant, or retail space, you have enough to worry about. So let us take care of your waste disposal responsibilities and let you focus on the tasks that are critical to your business success. Our professional team will deliver dumpster bins whenever they’re needed, pick them up when they’re full, and then send them to our recycling center for responsible disposal of paper products and other recyclable materials.

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