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Waste Disposal on Your Strata Property

Do’s and Don’ts for Waste Disposal on Your Strata Property

In strata buildings and community living arrangements, one man’s trash can become everyone’s problem if it’s not disposed of properly. This can be a problem in strata housing and in communities. A single waste container can fill up, or multiple bins could overflow if disposed of improperly.

Don’t worry, you can make the process easy for everyone. Here are the simple ways to deal with garbage disposal in your strata property:

Dealing with Waste in Strata Property

If you live in a strata property, it is important to know where to put your trash should the bins in your building get full. You also need to know when it is and isn’t okay to dump your garbage on the floor near dumpster bins. To do this, it’s essential to first check with your strata.

To ensure you avoid the risks of being caught, it’s best to familiarize yourselves with any bylaws related to it in your province or territory. Most strata schemes have fines for those who break bylaws, and if you are found guilty of dumping waste, you could be fined and charged for waste disposal. Dumping on the floor can cause delays in waste bin pick up because garbage on the floor near dumpster bins may block the way to take out the bins and cause delays or charges.

Ultimately, you have to remember to take responsibility for your actions. And when it comes to waste disposal, that means taking action when the bylaws require it or otherwise disposing of it properly.

What Should you do If Trash has Been Left on the Floor

What Should you do If Trash has Been Left on the Floor?

If your strata scheme has a building manager, then alert them to the issue. They may be able to dispose of it if the trash is suitable for waste bins. Suppose the dumped waste is unsuitable for waste bins. In that case, the local council or a waste disposal contractor may have to collect the material, and there could be a cost associated with its removal.

The first course of action is to take photos of the dumped trash. Print copies of the photos and give them to your building manager with the date and time on them when you took the picture. This should be done immediately after the waste has been dumped on the property. Ensure your photos have evidence showing the dump was made on purpose, such as surrounding items that have been thrown out. If the mess is near your property, you might be able to identify who it belongs to if they’ve left their trash behind.

The efficiency of strata waste disposal is an issue that should not be overlooked when adopting the latest designs for strata, especially if you are include many units. The removal of waste can often be forgotten. Consider your options when choosing a waste disposal service provider like us. Our professional and friendly driver can safely remove the bins from a low-floor strata building parking space without damaging the floor.

1. Provide Waste Disposal Guidelines to Residents

Residents must know how to dispose of their household waste properly. If they don’t have access to any guidelines, or if the ones they do have aren’t readily available, confusion and miscommunication can occur. Making sure there are convenient guidelines available whenever needed will ensure that your strata scheme has a smooth waste disposal system.

Creating a comprehensive and accessible set of waste disposal guidelines is crucial for the smooth running of a strata scheme. It helps owners, managers, and residents understand how to properly dispose of their garbage, which in turn helps to avoid any unnecessary instances of dumpster overflow or damage to property.

Consequences of Improper Waste Disposal

2. Consequences of Improper Waste Disposal

To conclude, it’s essential to ensure clear consequences when appropriate action is not taken. Consequences need to be enforceable and specific because they won’t be taken seriously if they aren’t.

In conclusion, correct waste disposal is your responsibility. If you see anyone improperly disposing of waste, then make sure you confront them about this issue and explain the consequences of improperly disposing of their waste correctly. If that doesn’t work, issue them a notice to comply or a formal warning from your committee if there are repeat offenders. Finally, if these do not work, apply appropriate fines for non-compliance.

3. Accessibility For Waste Disposal in your Strata Property

Accessibility issues can result in improper waste disposal, which can cause problems. Ensure that the waste placement area has enough bins and the correct balance of general and recycling waste options to help ensure proper waste disposal procedures. Having a company on-site to manage the waste is important because it reduces the stress of figuring out what you will do with various waste products and trash.

The above points should give you enough information to get you started on creating a safer and more accessible building or workplace. The best part is that they are fairly inexpensive or easy to implement. Best of all, they are worth it because they can help keep your buildings and workplaces safe.

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