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Disposal Queen’s Front End Bins

Front End BinCommercial or Residential waste disposal services accordingly to your needs

As people become more environmentally conscious, they look for businesses that share their values of a cleaner planet.

Disposal Queen’s commercial recycling bins help your company do its part to conserve our natural resources and maintain a clean, professional appearance. We offer sizes ranging from two to eight yards for your convenience. Front-end recycle and garbage disposal bins are an ideal option when you have limited space to store your recycled materials and garbage until the pick-up day. They also fit well into enclosed spaces.

Disposal Queen understands that commercial and residential customers have different needs. We’re here to help you evaluate your options in front-end recycle bins and choose one that best meets the needs of your business. We work with all types of commercial clients, including restaurants, retail stores, and industrial plants.

Once you have selected the right size bin for your business recycling and trash disposal needs, it’s time to schedule a pick-up day. Unlike some of our competitors, we have no contracts and we give you the flexibility to change your services any time, it means that you choose what works for you and can change it at any time.

Types of Front-End Containers We Offer

We offer front-end bins to hold cardboard and paper, for organic materials that will turn into organic fertilizer, and for materials delivered to landfills. Most local companies find that they need all three.

The typical business in British Columbia receives many shipments in cardboard boxes every day. We understand that you need a convenient place to tear down and store all your cardboard boxes until it’s time for us to pick them up. We also know that cardboard is bulky and takes up a lot of room, which is why we give you so many bin size options. Paper materials are so abundant and easy to recycle that it only makes sense to have a separate container to place them along with the cardboard.

We transport your food scraps and other types of organic waste to a local specialty facility that creates soil amendments, energy, and compost. The types of materials you can put into this bin include:

  • Bakery ingredients
  • Cottage cheese, ice cream, and yogurt
  • Eggs and egg cartons
  • Flowers, plants, and potting soil
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meat, seafood, and poultry, including the bones and shells
  • Paper products such as napkins and towels

We also offer separate bins for trash that you can’t recycle, such as liquids and solid waste.

Sizes of Disposal Queen Front-End Bins

Our smallest front-end bin totals 2 yards, with a depth of 1.1 M, width of 1.8 M, and height of 1.0 M. It’s ideal for new and very small businesses. Other size options include:

  • 4 yards, with a depth of 1.1 M, width of 1.8 M, and height of 1.2 M
  • 6 yards, with a depth of 1.4 M, width of 1.8 M, and height of 1.2 M
  • 8 yards, with a depth of 1.7 M, width of 1.8 M, and height of 1.5 M
  • 10 yards, with a depth of 1.7 M, width of 1.8 M, and height of 2.0 M

These options allow you to choose the total size of your front-end bin depending on your recycling and trash capacity as well as space available to place the bin.

We are happy to work with you whether you have just opened a new business or you feel dissatisfied with your current disposal company. For inquiries, please contact us from our website or at (778) 929-1023 or email us at You can expect a prompt, courteous reply no matter how you get in touch with us. In addition to allowing you to select your pick-up day, we don’t require you to sign a contract and offer complete transparency with our billing.

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