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Hook-Lift for Safety and Precision

At Disposal Queen we use the Hook-Lift System (also know as hook-lift truck) to deliver and pick up your Dumpster Bins. This method far surpasses the conventional cable hoist system when it comes to:

  • Safety
  • Precision
  • Operator efficiency
  • Off-center loads
  • Flexibility
  • Elevated loads

What’s the Difference?

Cable hoist systems, which are the most common roll-off method in use, it uses a winch to pull up the container using rails and put it on the truck. It has a hook in front to connect to the winch cable. The dumpster bin needs rear wheels to roll up onto the hoist. Because it uses rails, the dumpster and truck must have rails that are compatible.

Hook-lift systems have become the method preferred by innovative bin rental companies. Hydraulic power gets the dumpster on and off the truck. The driver simply backs up to the roll-off container, uses cab controls to attach a hook on the truck to a hook on the container, and raises the dumpster onto the bed of the truck.

The Many Benefits of Hook-Lift

At Disposal Queen, we know the hook-lift system is the best way to pick up and deliver your 20-yard bins. Just look at how it makes your job easier.

  • Safety. Avoid driver and worker accidents. The driver often never needs to leave the cab to get the dumpster on or off the truck. There’s no need to involve your workers in the procedure. Compare that to the cable system. The driver must get out of the truck, physically connect the cable on the bin to the truck, and monitor for proper rail alignment.
  • Precision. Wondering if a 20-yard dumpster will fit into the compact area you have available? The hook-lift system can get it in and out of tight areas. It doesn’t need the extra open space that the cable system requires.
  • Off-center loads. Our dumpsters can be positioned to meet your needs. A dumpster can be 30 degrees off-center and still be picked up without any problem.
  • Elevated loads. Is your container elevated? If you want your dumpster bin on a loading dock, the cable hoist system won’t work. But with the hook-lift system, it isn’t a problem.
  • Efficiency. The operator can control the entire procedure using the controls in his cab. He doesn’t have to give the attention to rail alignment that the cable operator does.
  • Flexibility. This system can handle containers that fall within 3 to 5 feet of the shortest recommended length.

When you choose Disposal Queen, you get quality bins and all the benefits of the cutting-edge hook-lift system. But it doesn’t stop there. We are proud of our reputation for excellent customer service, transparent pricing and personalized service plans that meet your exact needs.

If you would like to know more, please call us at:778-929-1023 or Email us at:

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