Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Disposal Queen’s motto is “your trash is our treasure.” We are, however, committed to an even more important treasure: our environment. We are strong supporters of the 3Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Practicing the 3Rs is how we all contribute to keeping our environment sustainable. Reduce Almost everyone likes new things. Creating a new item consumes natural resources. It takes additional energy to manufacture those resources into a usable product. The products must then be transported to stores. Each step has [...]


How a Disposal Contract can Screw You Up

What You See is Not What You’ll Get Sign a Disposal Contract with a good price for a couple years seems attractive, but if you are not aware it can Screw You Up. Most disposal companies ask you to sign a contract when you hire their rental bin services. The contract looks simple, and you’re assured that it’s standard for the industry. So, signing a contract seems like a good idea. After all, they promise you an attractive price for a specified number [...]


Disposal Queen’s Front End Bins

Commercial or Residential waste disposal services accordingly to your needs As people become more environmentally conscious, they look for businesses that share their values of a cleaner planet. Disposal Queen’s commercial recycling bins help your company do its part to conserve our natural resources and maintain a clean, professional appearance. We offer sizes ranging from two to eight yards for your convenience. Front-end recycle and garbage disposal bins are an ideal option when you have limited space to store your recycled [...]