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Six Ways To Avoid A Dumpster Rental Headache

Six Ways To Avoid A Dumpster Rental Headache

Take note of these tips the next time you need to rent a dumpster bin. Implementing them will likely eliminate the risk of common dumpster rental headaches and have a smoother project. If you’re facing a large project, give Disposal Queen a call today or fill out our online form for a free quote on dumpster rentals in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, and surrounding areas, all with no long-term contracts or hidden fees.

Using a dumpster bin for your project isn’t as easy as it first sounds. There are many facets of the rental process that you will have to consider and prepare for. But by following the tips below, you should be able to avoid many of these potential problems and ensure that your experience is as practical and straightforward as possible.

Always Ask About Pricing

Dumpsters are designed to help you get rid of your trash. You need to know a few things about pricing for the type of dumpster bin you want and how it will affect your budget.

Ask the company renting the dumpster from about their pricing model, and make sure that you are aware of any extra fees or hidden fees that might result in those charges. This will help with budgeting appropriately and ensure you are ready for any surprises when it comes time to empty your bin.

Avoid Hazardous Materials

Make sure you are familiar with what should not be disposed of in the dumpster. Chemicals or hazardous materials can be harmful to the environment as well as your health. Getting rid of these things responsibly can save you a lot of trouble.

A lot of hazardous materials need to be taken care of in a specific way. There are also chemicals and other things that shouldn’t be thrown in the regular trash at all but need special disposal methods.

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Choose The Right Size Dumpster

Having the proper size dumpster will keep you from having to schedule extra trips if the dumpster is not big enough and prevent you from paying for dumpster rental. We highly recommend you measure your dumpster before and after filling it to ensure you are getting a proper-sized dumpster.

Be sure that you know the scale on which to measure your project. You may want to sketch the proposed location to determine if this is the most suitable position for your dumpster bin. You don’t want to be stuck paying for extra space when you haven’t used it.

Restrict The Dumpster Usage

It is a good idea to restrict your dumpster. This will help keep others from using it and taking up valuable space. If you are experiencing issues with other people using your dumpster or having a waste disposal issue, there are several ways to limit the usage of your dumpster. By applying boundary markers, gating your driveway and locking up the dumpster overnight, you can guarantee that you only access it after collection day. This will help reduce the mess and clean-up necessary when other people access the area where the dumpster is located.

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Avoid Overfilling the Dumpster Bin

The capacity of your dumpster is the amount of waste it can hold. You want to be sure that you do not overfill your dumpster. Overloading can be dangerous because it spells out a dangerous situation for everyone involved. You may end up having to pay more for the service and would also have a difficult time moving the trash away from your home or business.

The important thing to remember is that you want to stay in control of your dumpster’s safety and cleanliness. If you overfill it, you may find it challenging to put materials into the dumpster or move the dumpster itself. This can lead to accidents, which can harm you and damage your materials.

Make Space to Place the Dumpster Bin

When picking a location for your dumpster bin, you want to ensure it is clearly visible and accessible. You do not want your dumpster placed in an area where passing cars or pedestrians might get injured. However, you will also want to think about the amount of time it takes for you to get to your dumpster. The more time spent on small tasks like this, the less time you can spend on more critical tasks.

Keep in mind that your waste disposal company will likely have their preferences regarding the dumpster location. Whether they are working with you to determine the best spot or have already scheduled to have your dumpster placed, you need to consider their opinion! Following their recommendations will make the process much smoother for everyone involved.

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