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Tips to Avoid Overpaying for your Dumpster Rental Services

Tips to Avoid Overpaying for Dumpster Rental Services

Does it matter what kind of dumpster you want? That question is dependent on a few things. First, is this your first time renting one and don’t know what is the right size and level of service to expect? Or do you know exactly how much garbage you will have and how long you need the dumpster? Before getting into all that, here are a few tips on saving money when hiring a dumpster rental service around Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, and surrounding areas.

The project’s scope and location are the two main factors determining the cost of hiring a dumpster. If your project is carried out in several stages, you might have to hire multiple dumpsters so you can dispose of items as you move forward in each step. In cases when you will remove large debris or waste, like pieces of wood, furniture and appliances, you need to make sure that your bin rental provider will allow you to put them in the dumpster.

Below are the tips to avoid overpaying for your dumpster rental services:

Consider Having Right Size Dumpster Bin

Remember that you will likely need a large dumpster if you plan to throw away large or heavy items like furniture, appliances, or construction materials. Before getting one of the smaller containers, check that it will be able to hold all of your trash, and any extras that you may want to dispose of down the line.

With this basic information, you can work with professionals to find exactly the kind of dumpster you need for the job. That way, you can avoid unnecessary costs and ensure your project is successful.

Right Size Dumpster Bin

For The Type of Service You Need Dumpster Bin

If you’re looking for a great deal on a dumpster rental service, don’t forget that both permanent and temporary rentals are available. The best way to ensure you get your business the most for your money is to be familiar with the terms and to have an idea of what you’re looking for. That way, you can find the right service to meet your temporary or permanent needs.

A permanent dumpster is very much needed in a company to dispose of the waste generated from its business. A year-round need for a permanent dumpster comes about because of the number of such companies and offices located around the city. However, when dealing with a dumpster rental company, you should keep in mind that the size of your office dumpster needs to be determined before making a call for an offer.

Choose The Right Service Provider

Some people may think, why do we need this expert advice? We can look up some businesses online and hire them without any questions. But you must remember that you are dealing with waste materials, and you need to have professionals to help you solve the issue. A good service provider should be appropriately equipped, and their customer representatives should supply the best services for their clients.

A professional service provider like us is known for its efficient deliveries of dumpsters around the area. We are one of the best and most favoured companies in this line of business. Our rates are also very flexible, allowing you to choose the budget-friendly package, all with no long-term contracts or hidden fees.

Make Space Before Dumpster Arrives

Once you have read the terms and conditions, calculated how much space you need, and are comfortable with your choice of bin rental service provider, you can sign the agreement and ask them to deliver your dumpster bin. Be sure that they understand precisely where it needs to be placed so they can help you avoid any issues.

Always prepare everything you need so that you can act on the dumpster quickly once it has arrived. You don’t want to lose precious time by waiting around or keeping the dumpster driver waiting. Because if you do that, you will pay more due to the driver’s overtime. It would help if you also thought about where you are going to place the dumpster. You should place it on flat and level ground, especially if there is heavy debris.

Avoid Overfilling the Dumpster Bin

Avoid Overfilling the Dumpster Bin

To prevent the need for an extra collection, do a quick check of your trash, recycling and yard waste materials to see if there are any items that can instead be disposed of by adding them to your regular household waste. If you have overfilled containers but no yard waste, please remove enough material from the trash, recycling or yard waste container for the lid to close properly.

Debris found around the bin or on top of the lid can also cause an overflowing situation. This could lead to a service failure or additional fees. Please ensure there is always a footpath for our crews around your bin, ensuring there is nothing blocking access for garbage pickup. We can say for sure that most of us don’t like paying extra fees, and if any costs are avoidable, we’ll do our best to save you from them. But what can you do to avoid additional fees from occurring? It’s pretty simple, really. Keep your dumpster clean and debris-free, and ensure they’re within the legal size limit. Then you won’t have to worry about an overage charge!

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Comments (4)

  • Thomas Clarence Reply

    It was interesting to me when you talked about how a dumpster needs to be placed on flat ground. Would it be possible for a dumpster to be placed on the side of the road if that is the only flat space? My driveway is at an angle, and if I ever need to rent a dumpster it will need to be placed on the road next to my home.

    13 October 2022 at 10:25 am
    • Disposal Queen Team Reply

      Hello Thomas,

      Thank you for your inquiry! Yes, it is possible for a dumpster to be placed on the side of the road if that is the only flat space without damaging the surface. This all depends upon the driver’s skill and experience in how they drop off the dumpster bin at your location. If you would like to know more, please call us at: 778-929-1023 or Email us at:

      Kind Regards,

      14 October 2022 at 5:03 am
  • Eve Mitchell Reply

    Thanks for mentioning that a good service provider should be appropriately equipped. My husband and I want to remove some of the branches off of one of our bushes this week. We’ll have to rent a dumpster because our trash cans definitely aren’t big enough.

    13 October 2022 at 1:54 pm
    • Disposal Queen Team Reply

      Hello Eve,

      Thank you for your inquiry! We are happy to help you rent one of our dumpster bins for your needs. We have various dumpster sizes available to fulfill your requirements. We are available 24/7 to support you, as soon as you are ready to get in touch. If you would like to know more, please call us at: 778-929-1023 or Email us at:

      Kind Regards,

      14 October 2022 at 5:11 am

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